How Can I Define My Own Password Card Using the E-PasswordCard App?

The scan QR-Code feature lets you transfer your password card to additional devices. You might also use this feature to define and create your password card according to your wishes.

Create a QR-Code online

  • Visit a website like
  • Chose Text as QR-Code format
  • Insert 230 characters, i.e. 10 lines with 23 alphabets each – you may use the ENTER key to seperate the lines
  • Use printable characters from the ASCII table: You’ll find valid characters in lines 33 (!) to 126  (~) – “letters, digits, punctuation marks, and a few miscellaneous symbols”.

Scan the QR-Code with your E-PasswordCard App

  • Chose “Read from QR-Code” from the E-PasswordCard menu tree
  • Scan the QR-Code and chose OK to overwrite your old password card with your new one
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