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Are you among the vast number of people who use the same password for several logins?

Have you ever fallen a victim of website hacking?

With E-PasswordCard you can select and use secure passwords

Use E-PasswordCard to create your private password card


You can select a personal pattern and use the same for all your logins


Nobody else but you can have access to your passwords on your card.

It is very easy to use the E-PasswordCard

You automatically generate your personal password card for the first time you use the application.

Assuming you select “stairs” as your personal pattern and you need to generate a password for a website “”

Step 1: Select the first alphabet of your password

The word “Doodle” begins with the letter “D” and has six alphabets: Go to “D6” on your password card and find the first letter of your password “W”.

Step 2: Trace your password

Beginning with the letter “W”, trace the password “Wfjvm8RwNx

If eventually, someone happens to read your password card, he can’t figure out your password because he can’t tell your secret pattern.

Get it on Google Play

At any point you feel, you can easily opt out of using E-PasswordCard.

As a user of E-PasswordCard, it is recommended that you print out your password card as image

You enjoy full-time security, as E-PasswordCard doesn’t save your passwords

You do not need the E-PasswordCard Application to manage your password

You can easily use E-PasswordCard with Password managers. E-PasswordCard can help you to free yourself from them.