Homepage Builder Weebly.com Hacked – User Data of Large Numer of Customers Stolen

A statement was published by Weebly this week about the huge number of user data being stolen. Base on an article on Leaked source data base carrying more than 43 Million account information from weebly.com was offered to Leaked source for public view.

This information includes password, username, IP address and email address. Passwords were coded with bcrypt (salted) algorithm right from 1st June 2011 making it tough for hackers to penetrate through. The account passwords that were created first were automatically changed by Weebly.

Based on Weebly credit card, information was not included in the hack.

Users who registered at weebly before March 01, 2016 will be notified by email and changing of passwords is recommended.

Change Your Passwords Used Across Different Websites

Weebly sites security professionals suggesting to alter passwords applied across several sites to an exclusive password. Several recent hacked web sites will be shown to you at haveibeenpwned.com.

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